It's never too late to Start over!

Hello Bello, dear reader! First things first, how are you doing? I hope that you all are absolutely fine and having a good day. I'm Khadija, the creator of A Perfect Mix of Everything and this blog. If you are interested in knowing a little more about me so click here. On 15th of June 2017, I closed my first blog and didn't explain anything and I'm truly so sorry for that. I thought before I start writing a new book, it's better to close the last one with a good ending.
On my previous blog, I used to share things I love [by the way, I will share things I love here too.] - but, days before closing it... I had some problems going on in my life, so of course I wasn't happy so whenever I clicked on 'new post' I couldn't write the way I used to, I was out of words and ideas.. I truly worked so hard on it, because it was my first blog so I basically learnt lots of things for it. On 15th of June 2017, I decided to stop living my dream & I took a break from the internet world. There's a door between your dream and your reality, it's locked. Each time, you work hard for it, a key forms. YOU can unlock it, yes YOU - A few days ago, I thought 'what if creating a new blog & starting over isn't a bad idea?' So, on 20th of July 2017 I created this blog. I unlocked the door again! Turning your dreams into reality is your job, you create the key & you own the key. I'm starting a new journey, I can't wait to create new memories and make new friends. Oh, wait! You want to start over? Guess what? NOW is the best time to do it & I wish you best of luck.

Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts.