Self-love journal challenge by Too much Too Young

Hello Bello, dear reader! I hope that you're doing well. I love reading other people's blogs, I find the whole 'sharing ideas' thing is simply beautiful. There is one blog that I've been in love with it's called Too Much Too Young, it's created by an absolutely brave, wonderful & kind girl named Chloe [you can follow her on Twitter or Instagram] - I love her all posts, they're so beautiful. On 17th of July 2017, she posted about a 52 days challenge called 'My self-love journal'.

So, Chloe mentioned on her post that she saw the idea from a girl on Instagram & I saw the idea from Chloe. [yep, that's why I love blogging & sharing] - It's a 52 days challenge, there are 52 questions, each day you answer one of them. So, on 22nd of July 2017, I started doing it & I think it would be wonderful if you started doing it too, here are the questions:

  1. What are you thankful for?
  2. Write about the place you call home.
  3. What are five things you would like to do more? 
  4. What is the view from your window right now?
  5. What is a good quote to live by? 
  6. What was the best thing that happened this week?
  7. Write down something you're stressed about.
  8. Name a book that influenced your life.
  9. Share a childhood memory.
  10. How do you see the world?
  11. What is your playlist right now? 
  12. Write about some of your favorite places.
  13. What holds your back?
  14. Share a vivid dream.
  15. What are you wearing right now? 
  16. What are five things you should do less often? 
  17. What do you love about yourself? 
  18. What is something you are excited for?
  19. Write about someone you love.
  20. What fictional character would you most like to be?
  21. How have you changed in the past year? 
  22. What are your favorite movies right now?
  23. Name something you are proud of.
  24. Write down one regret. 
  25. What do you feel strongly about?
  26. How do you relax? 
  27. List a few small things that make you happy. 
  28. Best book you read this year. 
  29. Write a letter to your teenager self.
  30. 10 places you would like to visit? 
  31. What is your dream job? 
  32. Who would you invite to your imaginary dinner party? 
  33. Where were you ten years ago? 
  34. What were your highs and lows this week?
  35. A fact about you that you don't share often.
  36. Something you want to remember. 
  37. How would you like people to describe you? 
  38. Write about someone you admire.
  39. What do you need to be content? 
  40. Share one of your earliest memories. 
  41. What is your favorite song to sing?
  42. Name three things you do well. 
  43. What are your priorities in life? 
  44. Name one way you would like to grow in the next year. 
  45. Write down 5 weird things you like.
  46. Write about something that scared you. 
  47. Name one thing you dream of doing.
  48. What was the last thing you celebrated? 
  49. Sum up what you believe on this page? 
  50. What would you be doing if money was no object? 
  51. What is the things you love most about this time in your life? 
  52. Name one thing you dream of doing. 
If you will do the challenge or you liked the idea, please please share it with others. Let's help each other. :) 

Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts. 



  1. I think the questions are very helpful they will make you understand yourself. I like that.

    1. Yeah, they really do! I'm SO glad that you liked it :) Please let me know if you started doing it! XO

  2. What a lovely idea! Will you share your answers on the blog too? Would be interesting to read! :)

    1. Hi, Madara! How are you doing? Thank you SO much for your lovely comment - Plus, I will think about sharing the answers - Sending lots of love! XO


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