20 Years without Diana, Princess of Wales

On 31st August 1997, the world lost one of the greatest human-beings, Diana, the Princess of Wales. She inspired millions including me. Personally, I love her, I love everything about her. She has been always my inspiration. So, today I thought I'd post about her fashion moments [I'd love to clear one thing, all the pictures and captions are from Princess.Diana.Forever, it's an Instagram account ran by Noura Al Obeidli. It's an amazing account, so please follow it] And some of her quotes plus her humanitarian work. So, let's get started:

Best [Free] Blogger/Wordpress Templates

Hello Bello, dear reader! How are you doing? How's your day? So, a few days ago, I changed my blog's template, not because I didn't like the previous one, because I wanted a change. So, while searching a template for me, I came across lots of other beautiful ones and I also found some for Wordpress. So, I thought I'd share them with all of you because sharing is caring. Before showing you all the templates, I'd love to clear two things: 1] I don't use wordpress. / 2] I don't own any of the templates. 

Monday Motivation [Quotes to Live by!]

Hello Bello, dear reader! How are you doing? How is your day? How are your loved ones? I hope that everything is great. We all need some kind of motivation to keep doing what we're doing, right? Personally, I love reading quotes and following them. So, I listed quotes that I love and I really hope that they motivate you! P.S. HAPPY MONDAY! 

The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello Bello, reader! How are you doing? How's your day? So, I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by the wonderful Hannah Darley [Thank you so much, sweetheart] - So, basically all I have to do is: writing seven facts about myself and nominate other bloggers to do so. So, let's start:

The Liebster Award

Hello Bello, dear reader! How are you doing? How's your day? I hope that everything is great! So, on 3rd of August 2017, I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Ellen. So, if you have no idea what I'm talking about, let me explain... The Liebster Award is all about that other bloggers nominate you and ask you questions, you have to answer the questions and nominate other bloggers and ask them different questions. [I love the blogging community] 

How I edit my blog's photos?

Hello Bello, dear reader! I hope that you're having a fabulous day, if you read the 'credits' page, you'd know that all the photos I use on my blog aren't clicked by me. They are all from StockSnap, it's full of wonderful photos. A HUGE thanks to all the lovely photographers! Whenever, I use a photo, I prefer to edit it. I only use one app to edit the photos and my secret weapon is VSCO [well, it's not a secret anymore].