Friday, December 15, 2017

Diet, Vitamins and the Skin

Hello bello, beautiful! How are you doing? How's your day? All good? Well, as you've guessed today, I will write about Diet, Vitamins and the Skin. So, let's get started:

Diet, Vitamins and the Skin 

Week by week, magazine articles carry dozens of suggestions as to how we could make our skin healthier, including some that are startlingly improbable. In addition, recommendation for special and exotic diets, and hosts of vitamin supplements, are constantly being offered to those who are interested in improving their skin. 

Skin Myth 

Generous doses of vitamin supplements are vital to healthy skin.

Fact: It is true that a well-balanced diet is essential for our general health. Vitamin A prevents skin from becoming dry and flaky, vitamin C is important for the production of collagen and vitamin E helps to rehydrate the skin, damp down inflammation and speed up the healing process. 
Only tiny amounts of vitamins are necessary for health, however, and these amounts are easily found in any good, varied diet. It can be positively harmful to take more than these amounts. 

In fact it takes very considerable dietary deficiencies to harm the skin. Swallowing vast amounts for supplements - and some people unwisely take them in doses far in excess of those recommended on the pack - cannot make the skin look healthier. Think, for example, how the clearest and healthiest skins are those of children before puberty, even though many of them live on what their parents feel is 'junk food'. As we have seen, healthy skin is the consequence of a well-hydrate and intact epidermis, together with avoidance of sun damage. 

The world of Skin Care by Dr John Gray page (85 - 86)

This entire blog post is from The World of Skin Care book by Dr John Gray. The page number(s) is mentioned above. Thank you!

So, that's all for today! I really hope that you guys enjoyed reading it - See you 'write to you' next Fri-yay! 


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