Simple Changes to Maintain a Healthy Lifestyle

Being healthy is hard but not impossible! 'Repeat this every day' - I always try my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but... Cookie exists 😉 Anyways, today I thought I'd share some simple healthy changes you can start following NOW, let's get started 🢒
  1. Drink as much water as you can. Personally, my goal is drinking 2 liters per day. I use Drink Water app to keep a track, I highly recommend it.  
  2. Switch to Stevia. Stevia is a sweetener and it's healthy... It tastes SO yummy! 
  3. Eat as much fruits and veggies you can. I try to include at least one fruit per day and if I skip a day, the other I eat two fruits. 
  4. Switch to healthy snacks. Walnuts or any different type of healthy snack is much better for you. So, next time shopping buy something healthy for a snack. 
  5.  Dark chocolate is the best. According to the articles I read dark chocolate is the healthiest chocolate and eating one per day has some pretty-awesome benefits. 
  6. Move your body. It's important to move your body. If you don't like working-out, just walk for 30 mins per day. 
  7. Switch from coffee to green tea. I use Twinings Green Tea with stevia. 
So, these are all the tips I have! Please feel free to share some more tips in the comment section down below ↓ and always remember: that it is okay to eat unhealthy as well, but always keep it in your head that it's unhealthy... So, try not to have too much of it. Talk to you soon! XO



  1. Everything's so true! Lovely post ♥ I didn't hear about Drink Water app, maybe I should download it :D I don't drink much water... I haven't used Stevia but I quite often use xylitol which is also healthier than normal sugar and it's much tastier, hehe :D I love healthy snacks, nuts or dried fruit are great ♥
    Can't wait to read your next posts! I really like your blog, aww! :) ♥

    1. Thank you SO much, Ann! You're such a sweetheart - Drink Water app is worth a try & I never used xylitol before! I love YOU so much, Ann! *BIG HUG*

    2. You're a sweetheart too, Khadija! *BIG HUG* ♥


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