Hello, you!

Hello, you! It's been a while since we last chatted, right? Oh, my dears! I've missed you all SO much. The reasons behind my disappearance from blogging where: health issues + university stress + updating my blog and social media accounts. I'm extremely sorry for my sudden disappearance, I hope that you'll understand. I'm back now! So, today I thought I'd list some of my achievements of March // They may be small, but for they are achievements :) So, let's get started: 

> I created my own Instagram highlight icons. Wanna check them out? Hop over my IG account.

> I became more active on Instagram. 

> I finally chose a theme for my Instagram. 

> I drink more water now. 

> I eat home-made food more than outside food. 

> I finally started my own newsletter! Wanna join? Hop over October's Lallu Newsletter and sign up.

> I have a journal, that I can't wait to fill. 

> I've added some new pages/features on my blog. Can you name them? 

> I finally learnt how to edit pictures in vintage style. YAY! 

> I take care of myself more now. 

So, those were some of the achievements that I did in this month... It was kinda a tough a month, but there's something good in everything :) Tell me about your achievements. Talk to you soon!



  1. Hello my dear!! Welcome back! ♥ I missed your posts! I'm happy you're back now!
    That's amazing you've drunk more water recently! Me too :D I downloaded the application you recommended - Drink Water - and it really helps me, thanks ♥ That's good you stopped eating often outside food, homemade food is healthier and tastier :) Congrats on all the achievements of March and I hope your health issues disappeared ♥
    I also didn't post anything on my blog for veery long time, but now I'm back and I explained everything what was going in a post :D
    Have a wonderful day, Khadija!! I'm waiting for your new lovely posts ♥

    1. Oh, my darling! Thank YOU so much for all your kind words <3 I love YOU so much & I hope that you have a wonderful day too and welcome back to you too! With lots of love, Khadija <3

  2. Thanks, my darling!! I love you too!! <3

    I nominated you for an award! :D

    1. Aw, thank YOU so much!! I will prepare the blog post ASAP! <3


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