Spring Break

So, my spring break is over! Now, back to college and assignments... Before the break began, I planned that I'd finish all my assignments, but... anyways, I finished one of them... 'don't judge me'
I really enjoyed my time so I thought I'd do a blog post about what I did in my spring break. 
Day one of my break wasn't lovely because as I've mentioned in my bio 'I'm a moody and foodie who blogs' - anyways, the other days were pretty lovely! I filmed a YouTube video + Edited it. Also, I began watching The Crown season two, I also watched movies with my dearest sister. Movies such as Toilet: Ek Prem Katha, Rustom, Bhoomi, Hassena Parker and Baadshaho! I really enjoyed watching all of them. I attended a party hosted by my mother's best friend & I went on a car ride with my sister. That's it! // How was your spring break? Plus, did you watch any of the movies I mentioned above? If you didn't watch them, I highly recommend you to watch them! [They are Bollywood movies] - Talk to you soon! 

PS. That's my 50th post!



  1. I'm glad your spring break was very nice for you ♥ You mentioned you filmed a YouTube video - do you have a channel? =) My spring break finished on the 3rd of April (we had a few free days), but on the 27th of April another spring break will start and it'll last two weeks, yay! I can't wait! I have many ideas for spending this time :D Congratulations on the 50th post!! Keep it up - you write fantastic posts, I love reading them and I always look forward to next ones! ♥ Have a wonderful week, my darling!

    1. Thank YOU so much for all of your kind words ♡ I'm working on my channel, still not sure about anything. Anyways, I'll surely let you know when I officially launch it 'hopefully' - I hope that you enjoyed your spring break and enjoy the 2nd one. I love YOU! ☆

  2. Definitely let know about your channel soon! Thanks so much ☆ I love you too ♡


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