The Liebster Award // 3rd time

It's one of those get to know me days... Here's another Liebster Award post on my blog. (if you're interested, here's the first and the second) This time, I was nominated by the wonderful Zenobia, please read her post here

The wonderful Zenobia asked me the following questions: 
Q: What is your favorite kind of food? Every kind of food is my favorite kind of food. Period. 
Q: What is the top spot on your travel bucket list and why? I want to travel to the forest, because I want to be surrounded by nature.
Q: Is there any kind of adventure sport that you want to try? Nope. 
Q: What was the last book you read? Would you recommend it to someone? It's Little Bee and I highly highly recommend it to all of you. 
Q: What movie that isn't released yet are you most looking forward to? Actually, there are two movies: Sanju and Raazi
Q: Are you currently watching any TV show? Which one is it? Yes, I'm watching The Crown 2.
Q: If you could be in any profession, what would you be and why? I have nothing in my mind, right now. 
Q: How close are you to completing your next goal? What is it? My goal is reaching 10 followers on my blog, I have 6 right now. So, more 4 followers.
Q: If you could live in any city in the world, where would you live? I have nothing in my mind, right now. 
Q: Do you have a pet? If not, would you want to have one and what kind? I don't have a pet now. I really want to have a dog. 
Q: Why did you start your blog? This short question has a long answer, so maybe I'll do a blog post for it... 
11 random facts about me: 
1. I'm a college student now.  
2. I'm working on *something* cool... Hop over my Instagram for a hint. 
3. This year, my blog will turn 1 year old. Happy birthday in advance, bloggy. 
4. My goal for this year is to read five books. (1/5) 
5. I overthink a lot. 
6. Instagram theme is causing me stress. 
7. I'm thinking of changing my template.
8. I'm obsessed with the British Royal family. (what do you think, they'll name the royal baby?) 
9.  I wear glasses. 
10. I love animated movies. 
11. I just finished writing a blog post. 😉 

I nominate: Everyone. 
My questions are: Write any question you want and answer it.. 

Now, you have no excuse not to do the Liebster Award...😉 Talk to you soon. 



  1. Congratulations on the nomination, my sweetheart!! ♡ I enjoyed reading this! I wear glasses too #glasses_team hehe :D I would love to read a post about the reason why you started your blog! And I want to have a dog too, aww! ♡ // I'd love to do this award on my blog! I'll do it for sure! Could I answer the same questions that Zenobia asked you? Thanks a lot for the "nomination", haha!! ♡

    1. Thank you, thank you! We're #TeamGlasses now ;) I'll work on that post soon. Yeah, sure! I'm looking forward ♡

    2. I'm going to have a lot of free time (because of my another spring break, yayy) and I'll do it ASAP ♡

    3. Yay, that's exciting! Enjoy your spring break ♡


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