The New Blogger Award

Today's award is special! This award is created by the lovely & wonderful Ann ❤ I've been nominated by her and I couldn't be happier 😍 so, let's get started: 

The rules: 

• Thank the person who nominated you and leave a link to their blog.
• Add the award logo in your post.
• Name the creator of the award and leave a link to her blog.
• Answer the questions you've been asked.
• Nominate 3-15 bloggers.
• Ask 5-10 questions to your nominees.
• Have fun! 

So, Ann asked me: 

• How do you usually spend your weekends? 
Mostly studying and watching movies.

• What country do you come from? 

• What countries would you like to visit?
It's a long list.

• What language would you like to learn?

• What would you do with money if you won a big lottery?
Transfer it into my account ASAP.

• Which famous person would you like to meet?
Kate Middleton. 

• Have you ever lost something? 
I've lost stuff, but I'm a careful person so I never really lost something valuable.

• If one of your dreams could come true today, what would it be? 
Having a peaceful life.

• What is your favourite animal? 

• What would you change in yourself/in your life? 
In my life, I'd love to remove all the negative people.

I nominate: Everyone who read this blog post! 

My questions are:  
//Who inspires you as a blogger? 

//Name five books you've read. 
//Current celebrity crush. 
//Name the last movie you watched. 
//Name the movie you want to watch.

Thank you SO for reading & please show Ann lots of love (she's a sweetheart), talk to you soon! 



  1. Yayy! Thank you very much for doing this tag! ♥ I really enjoyed reading your post! Oh, that's so interesting and amazing that you come from Qatar! =) I also love dogs! Great answers ♥
    Have a fantastic weekend, my darling!!

    1. Thank you so much, lovely! Same to you ✰


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