Hashtags to use as a Blogger on Instagram

Your pictures aren't getting enough likes on Instagram? You're not contacting with other bloggers on Instagram? Well, one of the causes could be: you're not using hashtags.
Personally, I prefer hashtags on my comment section (for those who are wondering: yes, using hashtags on the capt…

That Feeling...

That feeling when you make yourself proud. 
That feeling when you make yourself a meal. 
That feeling when you finish reading a book.
That feeling when you remember something funny. 
That feeling when your family supports you. 
That feeling when your friends remember your Birthday. 
That feeling when you…

I, Preview.

If you saw something beautiful, you're most likely to Instagram it... right? (come on, don't deny it) and sometimes you want to have a Instagram theme, but you have no idea how. Don't worry anymore... Preview is here to rescue.
What is Preview?
Well, it's an app for planning your Instagram feed.
How much it will cost me? 
It's free! (but, there are some features that aren't free)
Is it hard to use?
I don't believe it's easy. 
Well, then see these tutorials and judge it by yourself.

Stay Creative

A while ago, I watched Jordan Clark's video about creativity and I honestly fell in love with every single world she said... Let me ask you two questions:
1- Do you remember when you were a kid and you wanted nothing more than drawing on the walls?
2- What was the last time you drew something?…

Blog Update!

I'm literally shaking, haha! Okay, so guys - I always wanted to design my own blog template and in my head I would tell myself "Khadija, you can't do it." and... I'm SO proud to say that I designed this template by myself with a little help from other amazing bloggers out ther…

Summer is Here

Summer. It's not my favorite time of the year.. the sun shows no mercy... I basically melt down when I go outside, haha. (Who relates?)  Anyways, today I have some tips that might be helpful for this summer-y time. 
-Drink water. Always, always, always keep yourself hydrated. Remember: hydration …

Things to Do when You're Bored

Got nothing to do? Feeling bored? Well, here's a list of things you CAN do RIGHT NOW: 
Draw something. Hop over Pinterest for inspiration or create something from your mind. Write. A song, a poem or just write your goals down. Dance. Like no one is watching. Put on some foreign music and try to …

My Playlist

Music on, world off. I love music, I spent half my day listening to songs. Recently, I've started listening to French songs and oh boy, I'm in love. Today, I thought I'd share my current playlist (it changes pretty quick). 
Run Run // Indila  BO$$ // Fifth Harmony  Derniere Danse // Indila…

May Freebies

Happy May, lovelies! Just like any other month, May has its own freebies! May I present them to you? 😉 ✧Ta-da✧
Four beautiful wallpapers for your beautiful phone. Did you like them? Wanna get them? Then, subscribe to my newsletter and I'll deliver them to your inbox. I hope that you guys have a …