That Feeling...

That feeling when you make yourself proud. 
That feeling when you make yourself a meal. 
That feeling when you finish reading a book.
That feeling when you remember something funny. 
That feeling when your family supports you. 
That feeling when your friends remember your Birthday. 
That feeling when you finish an essay before it's due date. 
That feeling when you hear 'dinner is ready.' 
That feeling when re-watch your favorite childhood movie. 
That feeling when you sing a song. 
(you don't know the lyrics, you just make something up)
That feeling when you're favorite character doesn't die in the movie/TV/book, 
That feeling when you finish a TV series in a day. 
That feeling when you look after your pet/plants.
That feeling when you make your parents/friends proud.
That feeling when you reach your goal.
That feeling when you watch a cute video.
That feeling when you publish a blog post on time.

That feeling is irreplaceable... Feel it, treasure it. 



  1. Awww I love this!
    What it did for me was that it actually triggered me to think about all these wonderful things, and I felt gratitude for them.
    Was that your view on this too? <3

  2. These feelings are the best, truly irreplaceable!

  3. WOOOW, Khadija, that's WONDERFUL! ♥ I absolutely love it!! And you're right - every feeling is irreplaceable. That's why we have to live in the present moment ♥ Have a fantastic day, my darling!!

    1. I agree, my love! I always feel happy when I see your comment ;) I love you so much! Thank youuu ♡

  4. I love you, too! ♥

    Btw, I have a little problem with replying your comments... When I click "Reply", it doesn't work, that's why I don't reply your comments but I add a new one :\

    1. Oh... That's odd! I just tried it and it worked for me... Thank you for letting me know // Can you please try again and let me know? Thank you ♡

    2. Oh, now it has worked! But usually it doesn't... Anyway, that's good I could reply your comment now :)

    3. Yay, so happy to know that! Sometimes, it happens :D Thank you & have a lovely day ♡

    4. Thanks, dear! You too! ♥

  5. What a beautiful post, Khadija! Reading this I said a little gratitude prayer to all the moments that made me feel this way!

  6. Lovely post! - I have included your link on my regular PainPals Blog feature Monday Magic Inspiring Blogs for You! Claire


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