Hi, darlings! A while ago, Ann (the wonderful girl behind #LoveEnglish blog) nominated all her readers to do the Liebster Award. How nice, right? So, here am I doing mine. 
* please read Ann's answers here.

So here are the questions:
Do you like clowns? I don't like them, but I'm not afraid of them. I'm okay with them. 
What is your favorite color? Yellow. Have a look at my blog. 
What is your favorite gum flavor? Mint.
What is your favorite season? If you live in Middle East, you'd know that every season is summer season, haha. But, the weather is lovely sometimes.
Ice-cream or cake? I get sick easily, so I'll go with cake.
Cake or pie? Cake.
Science or History? Depends on the professor.
Geography or History or Grammar? Depends on the professor.
Do you like carrots? Yes.
Do you hate broccoli like me? Nope.
Do you study with flashcards? Nope.

11 facts about myself:
  1. My current inspiration is Jordan Clark. 
  2. I'm obsessed with the British Royal family. 
  3. I hate spicy food. 
  4. I love horror movies. 
  5. I can spend my whole day watching movies or working on my blog. 
  6. I never dyed my hair. 
  7. I have henna on my hands now. (It's Eid) 
  8. I can understand/speak Hindi but I can't read/write. Weird, right? 
  9. That's my 4th time doing the liebster award. 
  10. I have a bad habit of reading a movie's story on Wikipedia before watching it. So, then I'm like "I know the story, what's the point of watching it now?" 
  11. But, I still watch them & give my sister spoilers. She hates it. 
And, I'm done! I nominate everyone who read this blog post + please visit Ann's blog, she's a sweetheart.



  1. I'm happy you did this award! Thank you very much for all these kind words <3 I love you! I really enjoyed reading your answers. I've never dyed my hair too, haha. That's amazing you have henna on your hands now! I've never had it, but I've seen loads of photos on the Internet and it looks fantastic!! =) Have a lovely day, Khadija! I'm looking forward to seeing your next posts <3

    1. I love you too, honey! Thank YOU so much ♡ Have a wonderful day. ♡

    2. Thank you, you too! <3

    3. You're welcome & thank you. ♡

  2. Ah what a lovely tag! I always love reading these :-) Getting to know to other people is always fun and interesting :-)

    lots of love, Jasmin

    1. Thank you, same here. Have a wonderful day. ♡

  3. Congratulations on your nomination! Really enjoyed reading your answers, these posts really help us get to know more about you as a blogger and I love that! I don't like spicy food either!

    Jess //

  4. I love spicy food!! I really like horror movies too! Congratulations on being nominated so many times! x


    1. Thank youuu! What's your favorite Horror movie? Spicy food is a big NO for me! ♡


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