My Skincare Routine

I'm not a professional nor a beauty expert + we all have different skin problems that require different solutions & not everything works for everyone. Also note: this blog post is not sponsored. Also, all the products are hyperlinked. I use SebaMed Liquid Face & Body Wash twice a day (m…

The Sunshine Blogger Award

Hello, lovelies! How are you doing these days? It's one of those get to know me days. Yay! A BIG thanks to Izzy for nominating me for the sunshine blogger award. *please read Izzy's full post here. // So, Izzy asked me: What is one thing you take with you everywhere? My phone. What do you do …

Fun Facts // Blog Edition

Hey, YOU! Today, I thought I'd share some fun facts butttt blog edition! So, let's get started:
This is my second blog. My first blog is A Perfect Mix of Everything. I mostly depend on Stock Photos. I use Preview to plan my Instagram feed. I started blogging when I was a high school student…


Hey, beautiful! How are you doing today? Today, I thought I'd share some free & beautiful fonts with you. So, enjoy ;)

THE FONTS:  Hello Beauty // Shella Clean // Luna  Badriyah // Countryside // Just Signature
*Please read everything about the font before downloading.

Love,  Khadija