Charles Bravo

This year I read one of the most interesting books ever... The Mysterious Death of Charles Bravo. No, this is not a book review post. I'm just going to write about Charles and the three suspects. According to the book I read, Charles wasn't a great man nor a great husband. He was poisoned by antimony for three days back to back... The three suspects are: His wife (Mrs Florence Bravo), his wife's former lover (Dr. James Gully) and his wife's friend and companion (Mrs Jane Cox) - All of them had different statements. For example, Florence said that people thought that Dr. James Gully is her grandfather! (because of his age). However, Dr. Gully said that people always thought that they are married... See the difference! Till this day, no one knows who killed Charles Bravo... But, all the suspects had their own reasons to kill him.. None of them were found guilty. If you're interested, you can search more & more about the Charles Bravo case. Personally, I suggest you to read the book (if you can) - it's cleverly written.

Are you interested in mysterious stuff? Do you know any other mysterious cases? If yes, then please share it in the comment section below.
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  1. I really like mysteries but it always annoys me a little bit if I'm left with a million questions at the end about who did it! x


  2. I've never heard of this book!! Sounds intriguing x

  3. I really like such mysteries! That book seems to be really interesting! I'll check out something about Charles Bravo for sure and read the book if I get a chance. Thanks for sharing, dear! <3 Plus, huge congratulations on getting 15 followers! <3

    1. Mystery is my fav! Thank you SO much, Ann <3 I love you so much =) Have a lovely day.


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