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I'm Khadija Mo. (aka. October's Lallu) - I created this space on 20th of July 2017. What's my goal behind this blog? Well, the goals are ∞! Wanna know a fun fact about me? Yes? Ok, here you go: People say 'Happy Birthday' to me every 4th of October! Interesting, right? Oh, you wanna know more... Don't worry, here's more: I love minions (who doesn't?). A Perfect Mix of Everything was my very first blog. I love lemons (but, I must control that love). Nature is my best friend. I'm a plant lover. I can speak three languages: Arabic, English and Hindi. Yellow is my favorite color. I love taking pictures *click click*. I love cookies. Sunflowers are my favorite. I grew up watching horror movies. I don't mind other genres. I love animated movies. I spend hours look at food pictures/videos (I know that I'm not the only one). I love life (it never goes the way I plan it, but it goes on anyway). I always search for horror movies. I always search for kindness (it's everywhere) // Well, I guess that's enough. What do you think? Oh, silly me! I forgot to welcome you to this space (sorry) and welcome to October's Lallu blog, a niche-less blog created by me - Everyone is welcome here :) I hope we become friends soon and we inspire each other. Wait, wait! Before you leave, I'd love to remind you the 4 important Ls in life: Live // Love // Laugh // Learn - Okay, you are free to go now, but please come back! I'll be waiting ☆


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