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Sunday, June 17, 2018


Hello, lovelies!  As you've noticed, I've made some changes on my blog. This template is inspired by Jordan Clark's template. Jordan is an inspiration for me. I kept you guys in my mind while designing this template, but if you face any trouble while on the blog, please let me know. I hope that you guys have a peaceful Sunday. + How's Eid with you guys till now? 


Sunday, June 10, 2018

How to add "Pin It" button on your Blog // Blogspot users Only

Hello, sunshine 😎 Yes, I'm 'finally' back! My final exams are done 🙌 So, anyways, today I'll share a step-to-step tutorial about how to add "Pin It" button on your Blog (it's super easy, trust me)

Why to add "Pin It" button, it's so unnecessary. 

No, my friend. Imagine this, a reader came to your blog. Liked a blog post & wanted to share it on Pinterest, BUT... there's no "Pin It" button. Plus, I don't think someone will save the picture, then go to Pinterest and come back to your blog to get the link. (if you do this, you're a rare human-being & I'm ready to protect you no matter what).

Let's start! 

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Hashtags to use as a Blogger on Instagram

Your pictures aren't getting enough likes on Instagram? You're not contacting with other bloggers on Instagram? Well, one of the causes could be: you're not using hashtags.
Personally, I prefer hashtags on my comment section (for those who are wondering: yes, using hashtags on the caption is just like using it on the comment section). So, here are some of the best hashtags for bloggers:

#bloglove // #bloggervibes // #bloggersofinstagram // #blogging // #blogginggals // #onmyblog // #blogpost // #bloggerstribe // #thatsdarling // #pursuepretty // #happyshinybloggers // #darlingdaily // #iblog // #creativityfound // #girlswhoblog // #bloglovin

Do you have any more suggestions? Yes? Then, please let me know, talk to you soon.

Monday, May 28, 2018

That Feeling...

That feeling when you make yourself proud. 
That feeling when you make yourself a meal. 
That feeling when you finish reading a book.
That feeling when you remember something funny. 
That feeling when your family supports you. 
That feeling when your friends remember your Birthday. 
That feeling when you finish an essay before it's due date. 
That feeling when you hear 'dinner is ready.' 
That feeling when re-watch your favorite childhood movie. 
That feeling when you sing a song. 
(you don't know the lyrics, you just make something up)
That feeling when you're favorite character doesn't die in the movie/TV/book, 
That feeling when you finish a TV series in a day. 
That feeling when you look after your pet/plants.
That feeling when you make your parents/friends proud.
That feeling when you reach your goal.
That feeling when you watch a cute video.
That feeling when you publish a blog post on time.

That feeling is irreplaceable... Feel it, treasure it. 


Friday, May 18, 2018

I, Preview.

If you saw something beautiful, you're most likely to Instagram it... right? (come on, don't deny it) and sometimes you want to have a Instagram theme, but you have no idea how. Don't worry anymore... Preview is here to rescue.
What is Preview?
Well, it's an app for planning your Instagram feed.
How much it will cost me? 
It's free! (but, there are some features that aren't free)
Is it hard to use?
I don't believe it's easy. 
Well, then see these tutorials and judge it by yourself.