The Versatile Blogger Award

Hello Bello, reader! How are you doing? How's your day? So, I was nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award by the wonderful Hannah Darley [Thank you so much, sweetheart] - So, basically all I have to do is: writing seven facts about myself and nominate other bloggers to do so. So, let's start:

Seven facts about myself: 

  1.  I'm the youngest among my siblings. 
  2. This is not my first blog, the first one is A Perfect Mix of Everything. [If you're interested in knowing more about it so click here]
  3. I chose 'October's Lallu' as a blog title, because I was born on October and Lallu is my nickname so October's Lallu.
  4. I published a story on Wattpad called 'Remember that Friday night' [removed it] 
  5. I never watched Titanic / Games of  Thrones / Harry Potter. Yes, never watched any of them!
  6. I really really want a pet and I already decided a name. 
  7. I tried to have a diary and failed, but I have a notebook where I write sometimes and TWO big files were I save memories. 
So, that's seven facts about me! 

I nominate: 

So, girls all you have to do is: write seven facts about yourself and nominate other bloggers [max=10] - Have a lovely day! 

Please do not hesitate to share your thoughts!