How to use 'Click To Tweet' on your Blog?

Hello Bello, wonderful people! How are you doing? How's your day? I hope that you are enjoying this lovely Fri-YAY (I hope that you enjoy reading this post as well) so today I thought I'd post about how to use click to tweet on your blog - If you don't know what 'click to tweet' is, don't worry, I'm here to explain so let's get started:

# What is click to tweet? 
I'm pretty sure that almost all of you came across click to tweet, many bloggers use it in their posts (I was one of them) - For example: 

Right now, I'm reading a blog post by @OctobersLallu

That's the tweet I want my readers to tweet, so what should I do? 

*spoiler alert: use click to tweet  

# How to use click to tweet? 

The steps are simple and easy, please follow 'see' them: 

1 - Go to Click To Tweet

2 -

3 - 

4 - 

5 - 


Its working *YAY* 

That's all I have for you guys today, see you 'write to you' next Fri-YAY! 

Please feel free to share your thoughts!