The Basics of Math

Hello bello, wonderful people! How are you feeling today? Enjoying this lovely Fri-Yay? Well, today's post is a little different from my usual posts. A new category has been added in my blog... Education! So, I thought I'd start with math - Math can be so unkind sometimes, but we have to be kinder. I will start with the basics of math. So, are you ready? Yes? Good! Let's get started: 

Classifying Numbers

There are six categories here. And they are: 

-Natural Numbers: The counting numbers.  

- Whole Numbers: Natural Numbers + Zero. 

-Integers: Whole Numbers + Negative Numbers 

-Rational Numbers: The number stops or repeats itself.

-Irrational Numbers: The number never stops and never repeats itself. 

-Real Numbers: Rational and Irrational Numbers. 

Please note: Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers and Integers are Rational Numbers.


Addition + Sum 

Subtraction - Difference 

Multiplication . Product 

Division / Quotient

Rules of Addition and Subtraction

(+) + (+) = (+) 

(-) + (-) = (-) 

When both of the signs are the same, we add and keep the sign. 

(-) + (+) = 

In the example shown above, both of them have different signs. So, the operation will be subtraction and we will take the sign of the bigger number. For example: 

(-10) + 5 = -5 

Rules of Multiplication and Division 

(+) . (+) = (+) 

(-) . (-) = (+) 

If both of the numbers have the same sign, the answer will always be positive. 

(+) . (-) = (-) 

In the example shown above, both of them have different signs, So, the answer will always be negative. 

(Same rules applies to Division) 

Zero Properties 

0 + a = a 

0 - a = -a 

a + 0 = a 

a - 0 = a 

(0) . (a) = 0 

0/a = 0 

a/0 = undefined 

Rules of Order of Operation 

We use the BEDMAS rule. 

B = Brackets

E = Exponents 'Power' 

DM = Division and Multiplication 

AS = Addition and Subtraction 

Please note: You must go in order. But remember division and multiplication have the same power, so do the one comes first. Same rule applies to addition and subtraction. 

Solve this by yourself: 

2 + [ 4 + 2 . ( 6 – 10 )2

Click here to get the right answer and to see the steps. (kindly solve it by yourself first

I really hope that was helpful! Please feel free to share your thoughts & questions. See you 'write to you' next Fri-YAY!