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General Guidelines for Skin Care

Oh, hello bello! How are you feeling today? Enjoying this lovely Fri-yay? We all have a different skin care routine, right? We all decide our skin care based on our skin's needs. I read a wonderful masterpiece by Dr John Gray, a book about skin care and there was a page about general guidelines for skin care and sharing is caring... So, let's get started:

General Guidelines for Skin Care

Whatever our nationality or race, our skin care habits have some similarities of objective, even if the degrees of sophistication of the products we use are very different. 
In theory 'normal' skin does not need any modification, since it is already well balanced with respect to its physiological and mechanical integrity. Nevertheless, this balance can be unstable to some extent, and therefore two essential approaches to the care of normal skin must be considered: 
  • Maintenance of this balance. 
  • Protection from external injury. 
The first aim is a passive one: it is more particularly concerned with avoiding products that are not active treatments as such, but may be harmful to the skin - harsh soaps, for example. The second plays a more active role, involving the use of photoprotective products and hydrating agents. 
Skin care, from the skin scientist's standpoint, means preserving the integrity of the stratum corneum while removing sebum and soiling and maintaining adequate moisturisation. 
For most women throughout many centuries, this was achieved by very harsh and primitive means. Even until relatively recently, the only skin and hair care product used by most people was a bar of harsh soap. 
Fortunately today's cosmetic industry is providing increasingly mild and sophisticated products at affordable prices which not only scientifically care for the skin, but also help to reduce the visible effects of aging.
For most of us, skin care focuses on hands and face. Increasingly, however, industry is looking at the care of the body both in general and in specific areas, such as the delicate skin around the eyes, and good-quality products for these are now on the market. 

Facial Care 

We will outline some suggestions for facial care regiments for skin of different ages. 

Young (Teenage) Skin

Typical skin type: Greasy/Mixed 
  • Remove make-up. 
  • Cleanse, using mild products or a light cleanser such as a milk. 
  • Tone.
  • Moisturize (using light product, because of the presence of sebum, containing sunscreen ingredients that will block UVA/UVB).

Adult Skin 

Example skin type: Normal to dry 

  • Remove make-up. 
  • Cleanse twice daily with a cleansing lotion or milk or with a mild bar soap (for men, this should include or be followed by a moisturizer).
  • Tone. 
  • By day, use a medium moisturizer, with sunscreen ingredients (UVA/UVB).
  • By night, use a heavier night cream without sunscreens. 
  • Moisturize hands regularly. 

Elderly Skin 

Usual skin type: Dry

  • Cleanse with cream cleanser.
  • Use heavy-duty moisturizer daily. 
  • Always use a night cream. 

The World of Skin Care by Dr John Gray page (96)

This entire blog post is from The World of Skin Care book by Dr John Gray. The page number(s) is mentioned above. Thank you!

So, that's all for today! I really hope that you guys enjoyed reading it, please feel free to share your thoughts! See you 'write to you' next Fri-yay! 


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