The Versatile Blogger Award [3rd Time]

It's one of those get to know me days again! So, that's my 3rd time writing a Versatile blog post! This time I was nominated by the wonderful Lia, please read her post here. So, the Versatile Blogger award is all about sharing 7 facts about myself and nominating others to do so. So, let's get started 🢒

  1. I can speak three languages: English, Hindi and Arabic. 
  2. I love DIYs, which is sometimes annoying to my mother and sister... Oops! 😉
  3. I love horror movies. 
  4. I love the British royal family. 
  5. I'm improving my doodles skills.
  6. I try my best to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  
  7. My current favorite YouTuber is Jordan Clark
And, done

I nominate: Everyone who read this blog post

So, that's all for today! I hope that you guys enjoyed these seven facts about myself, please tag me if you'll do the Versatile Blogger Award... I'd love to read seven facts about YOU! Talk to you soon! 



  1. Great post!! I'd love to do this award on my blog if I find some free time ♥
    Have a lovely Saturday! :)

    1. Oh, hey Ann! Thank you so much, my dear! I'm looking forward =) Thank you - Have a wonderful day! <3


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