Dear, Earth.

Thank you for everything. Thank you for the beautiful trees and flowers. Thank you for the lovely weather. Thank you for providing oxygen for free. Thank you for the beautiful views. Thank you for EVERYTHING... Sorry for the forests we destroyed. Sorry for the climate change we caused. Sorry for using too much of plastic. Sorry for EVERYTHING. 


This Earth's day, please be more gentle with mama nature, please be the change that you want to see. Remember: If you change nothing, nothing will change. A few simple changes counts, don't say that 'so many people are harming the earth, changing myself won't help.' well, it will. You live on this Earth. You can be the CHANGE. 
A few changes: 
  • Try to reduce plastic use. 
  • Turn the water/lights off when you're not using it. 
  • Plant trees/flowers. 
  • Educate people about how can we protect the earth. 
  • Cleanup wherever there is dirt. 
  • Walk/bike instead of using cars. 
Each and every change counts... I highly recommend you all to watch Before the Flood, a documentary that features Leonardo DiCaprio, scientists and world leaders discussing the dangers of climate change and the possible solutions. Also, you can watch this YouTube video featuring Dia Mirza, where she talks about living sustainable. 

We are the hope... Let's make a difference. 



  1. Wonderful post! <3 Our planet is beautiful and so good, we have to protect it! If we do nothing, nothing will change, as you wrote. We have to start from ourselves and try not to do bad things to Earth. Every single person can do changes, that we think are small, but for Earth are enormous! I always try to protect environment and I'm very happy because of that <3 Cycling is better for people because of the physical activity, and for Earth because we don't foul this way, so take a bike instead of driving! :) I'm sad because almost everything we buy in shops contains plastic... That's horrible! Something have to change here...
    Have a lovely day, my dear! <3

    1. Thank you so much, my dear! I agree with everything you wrote // I hope that you have a lovely day too ♡


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