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Music on, world off. I love music, I spent half my day listening to songs. Recently, I've started listening to French songs and oh boy, I'm in love. Today, I thought I'd share my current playlist (it changes pretty quick). 

Run Run // Indila 
BO$$ // Fifth Harmony 
Derniere Danse // Indila 
Ego // Indila 
Tourner Dans Le Vide // Indila 
Journey To The Past // Anastasia 
Once Upon A December // Anastasia

As you've noticed I'm mostly listening to Indila's songs. They are SO beautiful and no I don't understand/speak French. I watched YouTube videos with English subtitles. So, I kinda know what she's saying. Please listen to her songs, you'll LOVE her!

What's your current playlist? Please mention it down below, I'd love to make my list bigger. 
Talk to you soon, lovelies. 



  1. This is an awesome playlist! Thank you for sharing. xx

  2. Great post, Khadija! ♥ I love Indila's songs too! She's an amazing singer! My favourite songs of her are "Darniere Danse", "Love Story" and "S.O.S." ♥ I'd like to learn French, because it's a fantastic language! I haven't heard songs from Anastasia and Fifth Harmony that you listed, but I'm going to listen to them. Have a wonderful evening, my dear! ♥

    1. Hellooo, lovely! I agree, Indila is amazing. I'd love to learn French too. Did you listen to them? If yes, then what do you think? // Thank you & same to you! ♡

  3. I enjoyed Anastasia's songs =)

    1. They're so beautiful & they have a wonderful vibe, right? ♡


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