Hey, guys! Today, I thought I'd share how you can create your blog with a few simple steps. Creating a blog is not as hard as some of you might think. I hope that you guys enjoy reading & following these steps. What we are waiting for? Let's get started:

1. Choose where your online home will be. The most famous ones are: Blogger // WordPress // Squarespace // Wix. Personally, I use Blogger.

2. Choose your blog's name. My one & only tip for this is being creative. Don't just think outside the box, jump out of it.

3. Know your budget. Just because others are doing it, that doesn't mean you have to do it too. Know your budget, can you buy a template? stock photos? fonts? If no, don't worry. There are free stuff too :)

4. Create social media accounts. Twitter & Instagram are a must for bloggers.

Those were the four easy steps to create a blog. If you're going to create one for you, please leave your links below.

Much love,


  1. Great tips! I agree, Twitter & instagram are a must for bloggers. It’s great that starting a blog is completely free and anyone can do it. Thank you for sharing. Hope this inspires others to go for it <3 xx

    Bexa |

  2. Very nice post! That'll be VERY helpful for future bloggers =) Well done!
    Oh, I should create an Instagram for #LoveEnglish and I hope to do it soon ♥
    Btw - congratulations on reaching 11 followers, yippee! Keep it up! Your blog is awesome and I'm sure you'll gain much more followers soon ♥

    1. Thank you, thank you SO much! ♡ Your kind words mean a lot to me - You're the best! Sending lots of love & a BIG hug ♡

    2. I'm sending lots of love & a BIG hug too ♡

  3. These are some useful and very helpful tips for starting a blog, wish I knew more when I first started to blog

    Melissa 🐝 |

    Moonlight Mel

  4. squarespace? I never heard of it before. It's so amazing, I get to learn a little bit more when I read your blog. Thanks for the info

  5. Simple easy steps!
    Social media is massive for bloggers for getting in traffic!
    My blog name was initially makeitbeaYOUtiful and then two years back I changed it to Aditi's Pen. So yeah, new bloggers should give a good thinking to name as well.

  6. Great tips for future bloggers! And yes, Twitter and Instagram are the bonus (and best) platforms to get your blog known and going :) xx Ain

  7. Wow! You are so very kind! I am going to start following your blog! You are helping others create there own space, and this is wonderful! Your writing is awesome, and your tips are great for future bloggers! ❤️ Sending lots of love and hugs 😘😘😘❤️

    1. Aw, thank YOU so much for your kind words! Welcome to the family <3 Sending you lots of love & hugs =)


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