Hey, guys. Today, I'll be writing about things I've been in love with lately... Just some movies, series, quotes & people. So, let's get started:

The Age of Adeline: I've added this movie in my 'all time favorite movies list' - I fell in love with Blake Lively, her character was so graceful & elegant + her outfits were everything.
Impulse: it's a YouTube series (10 episodes), it's so interesting & I'm looking forward for season 2.
Jordan Clark: fact: this template is inspired by Jordan's template. Jordan is a blogger, youtuber & an artist. She's my inspiration, I love her work.
PK: it's a Bollywood movie about an alien's journey on Earth. It's so beautiful & heart-touching + eye-opening.
Cute symbols: I'm in love with cute symbols such as (✧・゚/ ❀✿ / ♩♪♩♬ / ☆ / *:・゚★) aren't they cute?
BuzzFeed Unsolved: it's so interesting + I love Shane's comments.
#TeaCupClub meetings: every Monday & Thursday #TeaCupClub do this meeting on Twitter, they ask all the bloggers to share the link to their latest blog post & others comment on yours & you comment on theirs. I love it, it's fun! I discover new bloggers.
Neerja: I'm in love with the movie & the person herself... Neerja, such a brave soul. I actually cried while watching this masterpiece. If you don't know her story, then please Google it.
Munna Bahi M.B.BS.: I watched this movie a few days ago, it's such a funny & cute movie. If you grew up watching Bollywood movies, I'm 100% sure that, it's one of your favorite movies.
Liza on Demand: this series is so CUTE!!

I hope that you all had an amazing June. Plus, what are you in love with lately? 'I'm not sure if that sentence was grammarly right...' Talk to you soon!


  1. Very nice post ♡ I have been in love with Riverdale series lately - it's really cool!

    1. Thank you! I'm planning to watch that series! ♡

  2. just checked out teacupclub and i love it!
    Also, buzzfeed unsolved is my favorite. ♡

  3. Just been there and I love it <3

  4. I love Teacup meetings too, actually thats how I found your blog so they've definitely done me a favour! This is such a cute post and has introduced me to some new things which I'll have to check out so thank you for sharing.
    Sophie - x

    1. Aww, thank you so much! Have a wonderful day ♡

  5. I looved The Age of Adeline movie, it's so beautifully shot and it actually had me in tears when I watched it! Definitely got me in the mood to go and watch it again haha.
    - Georgia Anne x

    1. I've added that movie in my "all-time favorite movies" list! So amazing! ♡

  6. Such a nice post! Yay for Tea Cup Club meetings, they are awesome and you can always find so many brilliant blogs to read and comment on! I agree, those symbols are super cute! Great post, will need to check out some of your favourites! <3 xx

    Bexa |

  7. I love buzzfeed unsolved ��
    Abi xx


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