One Year of Blogging

Happy one year, October's Lallu. YAS! I made it that far *BIG smile* It's been a roller coaster of feelings & experiences. Thank YOU for being a part of this journey (you're amazing). 
It all started with that one post... It's never too late to start over <3 (ps I created this blog on 20th, but the post was up on 22nd) - I'm so HAPPY & PROUD of this small online space of mine. Today, I'll share 57 lessons/tips I learnt in that 365 days (trust me, there's more) but anyways, let's get started: (grab some food)

  1. Always be yourself. 
  2. There's always another option. 
  3. Not everything has to be perfect.
  4. Remember, you're trying & that's more than enough. 
  5. Don't share, if you're not sure. 
  6. Be kind. 
  7. Leave a nice comment on someone's hard-work. 
  8. Take your time. 
  9. Remember, not everyone is going to like your job. 
  10. Blogging isn't a competition.
  11. Be happy for others success. 
  12. Join the Twitter chats. 
  13. Use hashtags. 
  14. Use any platform you wish. 
  15. Don't be afraid to be different. 
  16. Learn and share. 
  17. Help others. 
  18. Not having a mailing list is okay. 
  19. Having a mailing list is okay. 
  20. Read #1 again. 
  21. Share your work with others. 
  22. Social Media is your BFF.
  23. Writers-block is fine. 
  24. Pinterest is a life-saver. 
  25. So is Unsplash. 
  26. Search for inspiration. 
  27. Not feeling like blogging today, it's okay. 
  28. Respond hate messages with love. 
  29. The Instagram follow/unfollow game is going annoy you. 
  30. It's okay if you don't have everything planned. 
  31. Editing requires time. 
  32. But, it's worth. 
  33. It's okay if you use stock photos (I do) 
  34. Read #1 again. 
  35. Be proud of your work. 
  36. Afraid of telling people about your blog, it's okay. 
  37. Don't give up. 
  38. Everyday you'll learn something new. 
  39. It's okay if you don't plan your Instagram feed. 
  40. It's okay if you plan your Instagram feed. 
  41. Read #1 again. 
  42. People will judge you, but don't let that stop you. 
  43. It's okay if you don't know coding. 
  44. Don't let success get into your head. 
  45. If your posts aren't getting comments, don't give up. 
  46. Join other bloggers in groups. 
  47. Making blogger friends takes time & it's alright. 
  48. Join the tags. 
  49. Share your tips. 
  50. Read everything before using it. 
  51. Write about anything you want. It's YOUR blog. 
  52. "Blog Post Ideas" posts are life-savers. 
  53. Give credits. 
  54. Freebies are fun. Share some. 
  55. It's okay if you change your style every once in a while. 
  56. Keep your reader in your mind. 
  57. Read #1 one more time, please. 
I'm SO happy! It would be impossible for me to get here without YOU. Plus, fun fact: I originally wanted to write 365 lessons/tips but my brain gave up, haha! So, I switched the title to 'One Year of Blogging' - Share some of your lessons/tips, please! + One question: How did you find my blog? Talk to you soon <3 



  1. Congratulations on your first blogiversary, yay! ♥ All the tips you shared are amazing! I agree with you - "Blog Post Ideas" posts are life-savers :D I don't really remember how I found your blog, but I'm SO happy I found it, I love your blog ♥

    1. Aww, thank you SO much! I love you so much <3

  2. Congratulations on reaching one year of blogging! Hope you'll continue to find the passion for blogging :). I agree with all of these lessons and tips! Blogging IS NOT a competition. We all should help each other to succeed. There's more than enough room for everyone to have a piece of their success pie. I totally feel you about writer's block. Thanks for sharing all of this! You bring up REALLY good points!

    Nancy ♥

    1. Aww, thank you So much! Have a lovely day <3

  3. You’ve learnt so many amazing things! That’s one thing I’ve love about blogging. Constant self-development all the way. Happy blog birthday lovely! :-)

    lots of love, Jasmin

  4. Happy blog-o-versary! I hope you have many more xx
    I agree with so many of them. Like using the hashtags, being yourself, the unfollow game on insta and.. wait. I agree with all of them. Haha.


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